Wiki Revision Control System

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The WRCS project aims to provide a simple command-line oriented client for the Wiki sites that support WikiRPC 2 protocol. It's interface is built after popular versioning systems like RCS, CVS or Subversion. It is still in the early stage of development, do not expect it to be of any use yet.


You can download the software from the project page on SourceForge. Alternatively you can check out the source code from the CVS repository


Installing using the package system

WRCS is available for the following packaging systems:

Building from the source package

Read the files INSTALL and README from the source archive before installing. You need to install xmlrpc-c library before compiling from the source. Look for a package called xmlrpc-c-devel or something similar. Usually running configure followed by make and make install as root is sufficient to build the software.

In case you downloaded the source from the CVS repository, you need to have GNU autoconf and automake installed. Run autoreconf -i in the source directory before building.


Only tested with MoinMoin. import command does not work out of box, you need to enable putPage function Read how and why.


WRCS is copyrighted by its author, Lubomir Kundrak, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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